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Are you struggling with credit card debt? Are you behind in your mortgage? Receiving harassing collection calls? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed. The burden you are carrying may affect your family relationships, your performance at work, and your health and welfare. Under these circumstances it is hard to think clearly and to solve your financial problems.

This is the time to speak with an experience bankruptcy attorney. For over 25 years I have been guiding my clients through their financial difficulties. My consultation is free of charge. I will take the time to listen to you and evaluate your case based on the information you have provided me. I will educate you about the bankruptcy process and how it applies to you.

Information is empowering. Let me empower you to make good financial decisions for yourself.

Why Bankruptcy?

  • Stop Creditor Harassment

Creditors will call you and will try to intimidate you or harass you as if this behavior will somehow get you to pay them money. They will call you at work and may even call your neighbors to get information about you. Filing bankruptcy protects you from creditor calls and if the calls continue, creditors can be held in contempt of court.

  • Stop Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies

A creditor can collect your debt by wage execution. This means that each time you are paid your employer is required to set aside money to pay to the creditor. The garnishment can continue until the debt is paid in full. A creditor can collect your debt by a bank levy. This means a creditor can have the money in your bank account frozen and thereafter have the money turned over to them to satisfy your debt. Any checks written that have not cleared your account will “bounce” which leads to bank charges and late fees.

Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishments or bank levies before they can affect you.

  • Stop Foreclosure and Repossession

Falling behind on your mortgage payments or your car loan? Is your creditor demanding that you immediately pay all that you are behind or they will foreclose or repossess?

Through bankruptcy you can pay back your mortgage arrears over a 3 to 5 year period instead of all at once.

If you have a car loan that is much more than the car is worth you can reduce the loan to the value of your car and stop repossession.

  • Restore Driving Privileges

Eliminate DMV Surcharges and restore driving privileges.

Is your driver’s license revoked due to DMV surcharges? Even worse, are you facing additional fines and penalties because you were caught driving during this suspension?

Bankruptcy can eliminate surcharges and get your driving privileges restored immediately upon filing.

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt and Medical Bills

Are you overwhelmed with high interest credit and debt? Paying the minimum amount due can take 20 years to pay off the debt. Providing you have not added to your debt during that time.